from john rogers and emily elizabeth scott

you: is it tacky to post on facebook to ask if peeps know who’s hiring?

craigs ain’t givn me shit today tho i did offer $35 and some condolences on a banjo

ps you looked so pretty this morning

me: that’s not tacky

hehe thank you, you make my day


you: speaking of not tacky

Georgia Lawyer’s Local Super Bowl Ad Is Batshit Amazing

watch that shit when you get a chance

what should i say? ***hey peeps*** who’s hiring in chiraq?


me: yes, that exactly

make a macro

with that pic where your hair looks good + ricky the cat

you: hahaha


cat not included

you: ug boy i’m jus gonna pik banjo like a muh

me: i just farted

you: o rly

me: yeah try not to get a boner

you: no Bueno

me: bout to send you a nice text message

you: daaaaang

you mad


afk afk

me: I was afk in bathroomafkmaking you a text message

me: i’m bored

thanks for the apple

you: 4 sho

me: did u see my text

you: yea it was sexy time

i should be tryin to b employed and you are just tryin to get me to touch my john john

me: no i’m not

i’m sorry

from rachel bell

me: hi

me: helo?

you: hi

me: lol where were you lol

you: hold on

me: sorry about that surprize visit to your wrestleing practice but justine told me

that was were you are nad i had nothing better to do so i couldnt help it lol

you: hi

me: lol what was that

you: on the phone w/ brian

me: oh hehe lol sorry about that surprize visit to your wrestleing practice but

justine told me that was were you are nad i had nothing better to do so i couldnt help it lol

you: i cant type and carry on a covversation at the same

you: time

me: lol

me: i understand

you: im not that tallented

me: lol you make up for it with your skiing ability

you: ya well

me: did you see bode miller ski like 2 secs ago

you: i try

me: lol

you: yep

you: took 1st

me: no

me: 2nd

me: now

you: huh

you: well now

me: ya lol

you: ya that was cool to have u visit

me: molly just found out that she has no frieds

me: really? i thought you thought it was weird

you: shes such a bitch

me: i know gooooo

me: grrrrrrrrrr

me: lol

you: no i think it was great

me: cool

you: u left and we got a break like 3 seconds later tho

you: i could have seen u

me: domn

me: *a

me: lol

you: how did i look?

you: lol

me: i came back at 10 after 4 too to get my algerbra i forgot i just peeked in then

you: oh

you: cool

me: you looked stron but i bet i could have taken you lol

me: ya right

me: lol

you: ya ill gladly take u any time any day

you: short stuff

me: lol grrrrrr i have to make a nick name for you lol i cant think of one

me: lol

me: ya youd like to wreslte wouldnt you lol

me: eheh

you: like to wrestle u?

me: ya

me: lol

me: jk

you: HELL YES!

me: lol omg ur so weird

you: i’ll take u any time u want

you: what

you: ?

me: lol

me: nm

you: no tell

me: so ur gonna go to the dance right

you: when is it

me: i donno i am being stupid lol

you: ?

you: kk

me: fri at 830 -11

me: at the y

you: at the Y?

you: k

me: ya

you: umm…

me: u gonna go?

you: dunno

me: ok

me: well

me: it all depend on what happens tomorrow right

you: it would be weird, cause no one likes me at this school

you: kinda

me: ya right

me: like alot of the girls like you and guys do too

you: guys?

you: no

you: none

you: well a few

me: ya

you: but thats not the point

me: lol what is

you: im like not popular so…

me: popularity is dumb no one like the “popular” guys anyway i am

not “popular” eighther it doesnt matter

you: well

you: its just weird

me: ya

you: i would like to

you: but

you: i dunno

me: ya i get it so.. um back to somting more serious

you: plus my sis’ll be there

you: so thats even worse

me: no shes cool

me: it would be all good

you: not to have around me

you: she tells parentals EVERYTHING!

me: so what you said you wer alowwed to date and i could get her not to tell

them stuff trust me were buds lol

you: no i am allowed

you: i have been since 6th grade

me: ya

me: i know

you: sixth

me: so whats wrong wit them knowth

me: knowing

you: no justine tells them everything

me: so what?

you: not like anything bad is going on

you: i just get absolutely no privacy

me: ay no kdding at least not that she would know about lol

me: ..

me: lol

you: ya well…

you: lol

from trixie lomein
wrong number text by jordan noel

wrong number text by jordan noel

12:48 AM me: hi 

i am drafting a very long email to send to you and now i am debating whether i should try to transfer its contents in a chat

17 minutes

1:06 AM XXXXXXX: um
  right always both
  whenever theres a one or the other its always both

21 minutes

1:28 AM me: haha this actually applies to the email i wanted to send you
1:29 AM XXXXXXX: new age
1:31 AM me: i’ve been saying ‘sex planet’ all the time
1:32 AM the email i would have sent you would have been 4-5 pages long, pretty upsetting and would have had lots of unnecessary details
1:33 AM essentially conflict over having to ‘abandon’ a friend who might have borderline personality disorder, who i have been semi (very very semi) involved with and who was recently assaulted
1:34 AM and if that sounds really awful it is
 XXXXXXX: yeah
  whats borderlin personality disorder like
1:36 AM me: according to another friend who knows these things, its somebody who manipulates people for attention, self destructive and using bad things happening to them to get attention
 XXXXXXX: im eating chocolate brownie frosting cuz theres seriously nothing else to eat in my apartment
 me: that sounds awful but that’s kind of how it was described, but in nicer terms
  i finished my peanut butter
  have chocolate chips
 XXXXXXX: and i dont wanna go to 711 for food cuz im stoned off resin
1:37 AM XXXXXXX: roughin it
 me: thats my world in a similar sense
  i have some raw cabbage ive been eating that has been awesome
 XXXXXXX: h.e.a.l.t.h
1:38 AM me: i finished a major paper and am feeling post partem despite having so much more to do, i feel like if i had the time to cook a healthy meal and run i would feel less post partem
  and finish my other papers
1:39 AM XXXXXXX: i get that
  i totally get that actually
1:40 AM i know this is a less stressful or important situation but i had a deadline to finish this booklet of collages for andy and charlie and i was post partem all yesterday and today
 me: no thats bigger than a paper
1:41 AM XXXXXXX: no its not
  trust me
 me: i feel like your collages are next level
 XXXXXXX: ive done both
 me: i think one of the really true things you said was when you were writing your thesis ‘i feel like its been eternity since i’ve had an erection’ or something like that
1:42 AM from the adderall
  it also makes me pee electric yellow or mountain dew
 me: oh its the adderall i dont feel sexual anyway :(
1:43 AM XXXXXXX: sorry about having to break it off with that girl
1:44 AM thats the worse thing about life really
 me: i think its ok but i feel bad about thinking its ok
1:45 AM XXXXXXX: i mean its ok but it feels like deeply compromising emotionally or something
1:46 AM me: i called it ‘blow-out’ like justice but personality plus cybernetics
 XXXXXXX: go to walgreens
  by the johnson and johnson baby poo
1:47 AM me: yeah that is how i feel
  like, i had to decide between what felt emotionally-logically just in the context of this relationship, and what my friends were saying and i listened to my friends
  i know they’re right but…
1:48 AM XXXXXXX: yeah
1:49 AM so la crosse over holidays maybe
 me: yeah dude
  i’ll be there
1:50 AM XXXXXXX: me toop
 me: i’m kind of feeling the midwest again after being excited about atlanta > midwest
1:51 AM XXXXXXX: ive just started reading portrait of an artist as a young man so i feel like i might be unconsciously fecal oriented in an anal way
 me: haha
  is that book really freudian? i guess that would make sense
1:52 AM XXXXXXX: no not really but just like it starts early in his life in very early childhood and has some kind of object-sexual context via growth of language and self
  but not overtly freudian at all
1:53 AM yeah midwest is better than south dude and i’d know cuz ive only lived in the midwest
1:54 AM me: i didnt realize stl wasnt south until i spent a lot of time in kansas city and atlanta and knew the difference
  i thought st louis was like ‘NORTH CAROLINAAAAAAAAAA’
  by the way i will lose internet access in a few minutes
 XXXXXXX: it kind of is, but mixed with chicago
1:55 AM me: woah
  chicago. what a city
 XXXXXXX: yeah i agree
 me: i dont know how i feel about the place, it seems like midwest wants to be new york but does it too well
 XXXXXXX: i really wanna live there for a year
1:56 AM new york can suck my butt
  and same goes for tampa
  hate the yankees hat the teh buckaneers
1:57 AM me: haha
  i want to live in miami or los angeles, the former because i really wanna pink jeep
 XXXXXXX: hahaha
  no you cant
1:58 AM wait no i really want to come to miami and go no a bender and you can drive me around in your jeep
 me: only if you wear a tank top hold 40 and shout at people get in the fucking jeep
1:59 AM XXXXXXX: get a clue
  get in the fucking jeep
 me: look at this gun
XXXXXXX: get a fucking clue
 me: this was expensive
 XXXXXXX: haah
  we should have been come do that in his very russian/kyrgastan accent
2:00 AM Ben
  and he looks so sexy in a tank top
  all that hair
 me: yeah he does
  i love his chest hair
 XXXXXXX: yeah and his back hair
  best mane of back hair
 me: not to say this in a cocky way but in the same way people good at math have one person ‘who beat them’ i am proud of my chest hair and ‘he beat me’
2:01 AM XXXXXXX: yeah feel that
2:02 AM me: i am getting into art and want to learn more about it
 XXXXXXX: might need to walk to 711 anyway no i dont knwo i guess i have soup too but its just broth
 me: i made rice and beans and it was good
 XXXXXXX: thats what ive done last two days all out
 me: actually you should go to 711 if you want to cuz i should pack up
XXXXXXX: pack it mj
2:03 AM pack it in
 me: fuck my dad
 XXXXXXX: im eating brown frosting too did i say that
 me: yeah im excited about that
 XXXXXXX: off my fingers
 me: i ate a snickers
 XXXXXXX: i mean poop all ove
  ok i think i will close up
 XXXXXXX: yeezy
 me: “late registration”
2:04 AM XXXXXXX: pc portal
  bass piss
  thump gum
  eat lore
 me: ok cool byyyyyyyyyyyyyye
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2:05 AM XXXXXXX: an acrostic poem for L.A.N.G.U.A.G.E.

from michael hessel-mial


belisha beacons: ing to sing with him

XXXXXXXXXXXX: whats the problem?

belisha beacons: sorry wrong window

belisha beacons: i mean

belisha beacons: i heard you said some not very nice things about me

belisha beacons: which is hurtful




XXXXXXXXXXXX: to be straight with you

XXXXXXXXXXXX: i’ve been pretty annoyed with you lately

belisha beacons: okay

belisha beacons: i’m sorry.

XXXXXXXXXXXX: i just mean

XXXXXXXXXXXX: a lot of people know about the hookup thing

belisha beacons: that wasn’t my fault, i swear to god.

belisha beacons: i really didn’t want it spreading around

XXXXXXXXXXXX: and i try to generally leave that sort of thign to the imagination

XXXXXXXXXXXX: yea its okay

XXXXXXXXXXXX: i understand

belisha beacons: i mean

belisha beacons: thats sort of how i heard the nasty things

belisha beacons: i didn’t tell anyone except my close friends

belisha beacons: and then they overheard meghan talking about it

belisha beacons: who, of course, i would never tell.

XXXXXXXXXXXX signed off at 9:32:19 PM.

XXXXXXXXXXXX signed on at 9:32:26 PM.

XXXXXXXXXXXX: sorry i didnt catch anything after i mean

belisha beacons: belisha beacons: thats sort of how i heard the nasty things

belisha beacons: i didn’t tell anyone except my close friends

belisha beacons: and then they overheard meghan talking about it

belisha beacons: who, of course, i would never tell.

XXXXXXXXXXXX: oh thats awesome



XXXXXXXXXXXX: forget about it

belisha beacons: i mean, no.

belisha beacons: i didn’t intend for it to get out

belisha beacons: and i don’t think it’s fair of you to be rude to me (which you have been) and then to talk shit about me because of the fact that somehow, although i don’t know how because i only told lee and amanda, it spread to everyone.

XXXXXXXXXXXX: well i’m sorry

XXXXXXXXXXXX: i’ve been as cordial as possible

XXXXXXXXXXXX: i really don’t know what else to say

belisha beacons: i don’t either.

belisha beacons: i didn’t intend for it to get out, i really didn’t.



belisha beacons: but it’s incredibly hurtful to be told by mutliple people some pretty terrible things about me.

XXXXXXXXXXXX: like what, exactly, paige?

belisha beacons: that you think im a really terrbile human being

belisha beacons: you detest me

belisha beacons: that i annoy you more than anyone else at rm


belisha beacons: it’s fine, i don’t doubt that you said those things.

XXXXXXXXXXXX: i’m not going to stand around and refute that paige

XXXXXXXXXXXX: you certainly get on my nerves but i feel like i’m as frank as possible about it when you do

XXXXXXXXXXXX: other than that

XXXXXXXXXXXX: other than that

belisha beacons: well i apologize

belisha beacons: i never meant to be mean or to get on your nerves.

XXXXXXXXXXXX: paige i’m not

XXXXXXXXXXXX: asking for an apology like i’m not affronted

belisha beacons: no i understand.

belisha beacons: im apologizing because that hurts, a lot, to me.

XXXXXXXXXXXX: i just dont know what to really say here

belisha beacons: nothing.

belisha beacons: it’s sad that you think so little of me.

belisha beacons: but i appreciate the honesty.



belisha beacons: it’s fine, i would rather be honest.

XXXXXXXXXXXX: i’m not becoming embroiled in this


belisha beacons: then don’t, i’m not freaking out.

belisha beacons: it hurt my feelings.

belisha beacons: the end.

belisha beacons: you don’t have to see me again, i don’t have to see you again.

belisha beacons: i guess it just bothered me because i thought you were extremely cool and thought you at least somewhat liked me, so it came as a little bit of shock.


XXXXXXXXXXXX: i’m not getting into it


XXXXXXXXXXXX: i understand

XXXXXXXXXXXX: that you’re mad

XXXXXXXXXXXX: and probably

XXXXXXXXXXXX: us not seeing each other is a good idea

XXXXXXXXXXXX: if theres anything else you wanna get out, i am a blank canvas

XXXXXXXXXXXX: but i’m not going to drag this out

belisha beacons: jesus christ i’m not dragging this out

belisha beacons: im not screaming and telling you you’re an awful person.

belisha beacons: i don’t think that


XXXXXXXXXXXX: but you’re hurt

belisha beacons: that’s why it hurts, because i think you’re a very good person and you think im not a good person, and that hurts. a lot. and i just feel so fucking wronged because honestly it was never, ever my intent for it to get out but it did, and now you think im annoying and it just sucks.

belisha beacons: and like, i am a good person, and i’

belisha beacons: *i’ve cared about you a lot.

belisha beacons: and not in the bullshit secret “i have a crush on you” way, but actually as a friend, cared about you.


XXXXXXXXXXXX: you’ve been good to me

belisha beacons: yes, i have

belisha beacons: so then

belisha beacons: it just sucks more that you hate me.

belisha beacons: because you blame me for something i really really didn’t intend to happen


XXXXXXXXXXXX: i knwo you didnt

XXXXXXXXXXXX: i understand

belisha beacons: well im sorry


belisha beacons: im sorry that im such an embarassing person to you that you have to go around telling people mean things about me

XXXXXXXXXXXX: like what do you want me to say to that?


belisha beacons: nothing

XXXXXXXXXXXX: you dont need

belisha beacons: i dont intend for you to say anything

XXXXXXXXXXXX: my validation, for one thing

belisha beacons: i dont know.

belisha beacons: its not a validation.

belisha beacons: i genuinely respect you

belisha beacons: and think you are cool.

belisha beacons: and it fucking hurts that i keep thinking you think i’m a good person, only to find out time and time again that you dont

XXXXXXXXXXXX: well i mean not to argue semantics but i certainly think you’re a good person

belisha beacons: okay

XXXXXXXXXXXX: i dont think you’re a bad person

belisha beacons: it hurts to be told that you’re detested.

XXXXXXXXXXXX: well as much as i do not want to get into this whole aspect of it

XXXXXXXXXXXX: i hardly told you i detest you

belisha beacons: you didn’t say that to me.


XXXXXXXXXXXX: and i dont care


XXXXXXXXXXXX: thts not the point

belisha beacons: okay, well, i don’t really see what else there is to tell you except that it hurt me very badly and i don’t know how i could have been anything better to you or for you.


XXXXXXXXXXXX: i have to go

XXXXXXXXXXXX: i’ll see you

belisha beacons: bye

XXXXXXXXXXXX is away at 9:54:20 PM.

from paige gresty

Ian Aleksander Adams

10/6, 5:57am


Mary Bond

10/6, 8:55am


Ian Aleksander Adams

10/6, 8:56am


Ian Aleksander Adams

10/6, 9:37am


I’ve got this wake

At 3

Then I wanna get away from all that

Mary Bond

10/6, 9:41am

When its it over?

Mary Bond

10/6, 10:10am

Or like

When doya wanna meet up?

Ian Aleksander Adams

10/6, 10:38am


I’m just guessing a random time

It will take me an hour to get to like, the east village

I knew I wanted to so some late night shenanigans but I’m not gonna be on this coast that long so I should try to hang out as early as I can then we yolo it out from there?

Mary Bond

10/6, 1:18pm

Sounds very yolo indeed

7 sounds good, altho I may end up being late depending on train times

Doya have my number?

I ferget

Ian Aleksander Adams

10/6, 1:19pm

don’t think so actually

Forgot to get it

I snuck out

I’m at 86th street now

Gonna meet a friend for coffee and hang with him until you want to meet up

Mary Bond

10/6, 1:20pm


V sneaky indeed

I’m gonna be coming in at Penn BC train so I could meet you where evz

Ian Aleksander Adams

10/6, 1:33pm

I’ll come meet you, just lemme know

Please tell me I messaged the right person

Mary Bond

10/6, 2:25pm

Did you text me?

I didn’t get it

What’s your number?

Ian Aleksander Adams

10/6, 2:26pm


I sent a picture

Mary Bond

10/6, 2:26pm

Ohhh my phone is silly with pictures, doesn’t get ‘em

Ian Aleksander Adams

10/6, 2:26pm

Oh ok

Mary Bond

10/6, 2:27pm

I will be there in 2 hours or so

Ian Aleksander Adams

10/6, 2:27pm

At pen station


Ian Aleksander Adams

10/6, 3:54pm

Sorry got in a dragon


October 7

Mary Bond

10/7, 8:47am

I have hickies all over my legs :D

from mary bond and  ian aleksander adams

Manuel Arturo Abreu
seems hard 2b in professional world tho cos of stigmatization of laziness
like i want 2b free 2b lazy
and do lazy research and come up w/ lazy ideas i feel

Rosemary Kirton
Rosemary Kirton
i feel like this too like laziness as resistance haha
but not consistent of course haha
btw this is immense i still cant deal

Manuel Arturo Abreu
Manuel Arturo Abreu
just temporary autonomous zones i guess lmao. even something radical like disembodied dispersed labor. obv i will end up getting paid 2 writ etc etc but y do i need to do 9-5, b in a specific place?
like wat if i want 2b nocturnal i dunno
damn after the destiny’s child drake came on lmao, vibing
it’s jaes blake drake
honestly it’s nuts lol

Rosemary Kirton
Rosemary Kirton
oh ya it started for me too but i found the shola ama track and was like ugh this is the best

Manuel Arturo Abreu
Manuel Arturo Abreu
ugh h8 losing the tab the music is playing in
just like
this is deep big ups

Rosemary Kirton
Rosemary Kirton
the shola ama trak is like hella 80s power ballad feels but so intimate
gives me goosebumps

Manuel Arturo Abreu
Manuel Arturo Abreu
this is a vibe
i kno exactly who to send this to
there r few. like few enlightened ones
i played this song nonstop while i was in nyc this drove me

Rosemary Kirton
Rosemary Kirton
produced by fatima al qadiri tho
i mean i always loved tink
since i heard bonnie and clyde?
u familiar with that?
her rendition/version

Manuel Arturo Abreu
Manuel Arturo Abreu
woah nah
that’s real talk

Rosemary Kirton
Rosemary Kirton

Manuel Arturo Abreu
Manuel Arturo Abreu
aslkdnasjdn yah

Rosemary Kirton
Rosemary Kirton
its real good

Manuel Arturo Abreu
Manuel Arturo Abreu
this is utter high level shit

Rosemary Kirton
Rosemary Kirton
so much talent
i wanna make a mix with this tink song
and the new princess nokia other one
like romance songs
but i dnt know how

Manuel Arturo Abreu
Manuel Arturo Abreu
get virtual dj
it’s so eas

Rosemary Kirton
Rosemary Kirton
ooo and the shola ama one

Manuel Arturo Abreu
Manuel Arturo Abreu
u will learn in 30min
Rosemary Kirton

Rosemary Kirton
for real!
oki ill check it out


from manuel arturo abreu and rosemarie kirton